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I am using APEX 4.0 and oracle 11g.
I have the following requirements,

an Emp Name, Hiredate, address and salary columns in the emp table and
deptno, deptname and location in the department table. I have a master detail form.

When I insert an employee row it should not allow to do changes to columns Ename, Hiredate, Dept Name and Location of the existing row and should only allow to add a new one.

I am able to make read only for text fields like ename and hiredate. but how to disable the images of deptname(POPUP LOV) and Hiredate(datepicker image) ?

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How are you making the items read-only – Tony Andrews Apr 12 '12 at 9:58

You have to use the $x_disableItem() function from the APEX JavaScript API to disable items like popup LOV or datepickers.

enter image description here Be aware that some browsers don't submit items which are disabled. In that case you may use the readonly property, but it will not work for radio buttons and checkboxes. A solution woulb be to use hidden items.

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