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Creating Hidden Fields

   Response.Write "<input ID='hdnVendorNumber' NAME='hdnVendorNumber' TYPE='HIDDEN' >"
   Response.Write "<input ID='hdnDocumentID' NAME='hdnDocumentID' TYPE='HIDDEN' >"
   Response.Write "<input ID='hdnOrderBy' NAME='hdnOrderBy' TYPE='HIDDEN' >"
   Response.Write "<input ID='hdnQuerying' NAME='hdnQuerying' TYPE='HIDDEN' >"

Function that Submits Form

function SubmitForm(intOrder)

    var form = document.getElementById("frmVendorDocs");



The problem that I am running into is every time I run a form.submit() my hidden fields don't retain the values I set them to but instead get set to "". How can I keep the values I set my hidden fields to everytime form.submit() is ran?

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Your problem is very unclear. Retain the value over what? When and how you try to access them again? –  Shadow Wizard Apr 10 '12 at 14:40

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Don't access the form element from the form variable. Get them directly:

var vendorNum = document.getElementById("hdnVendorNumber");
vendorNum.value = "True";

Or, in one line:

document.getElementById("hdnVendorNumber").value = "True";
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When you submit the form the browser leaves the page and loads a new one. Any DOM manipulation you perform will be lost.

Repopulate the fields using the value attributes from server side code.

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you didn't specify the input type and you didn't close the tag

Response.Write "" it should be: Response.Write ""

if the error persists try to use Jquery it's easier

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load your function SubmitForm on body load!

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