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i got given a ps/2 barcode scanner. It is a honeywell voyager MS9250. The lead on the barcode scanner is ps/2 type, where you can plug a ps2 keyboard into the lead of the scanner and then the lead of the scanner into the ps/2 keyboard port on the pc.

However, i dont have a ps/2 port on my fairly recent all-in-one pc, so i purchased a usb to ps/2 adapter. Got it all connected up however the barcode scanner will beep when it reads a barcode but does not output the data to the pc. I have restored the barcode scanner to default settings using the barcodes supplied by the manufacturer for doing so, but still no success.

The pc is viewing the adapter as a keyboard, even when the barcode scanner is not plugged into the adapter.

Im not sure what to try next and any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks, Wilson.

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It sounds like you want it to be operating in "keyboard wedge" mode. The manual may have different setup bar codes which set it to operate in certain modes. Hopefully there is one that sets it to keyboard wedge mode. Once you have set it up for keyboard wedge mode, open notepad and try to scan something. It should appear on the screen.

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