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The popular image hosting site Imgur is great and I'm new to PHP. I'm just wondering how they manage to get an image to display in the page when entering a URL such as:

How does the script know to display a certain image from yjg8v? Are they using $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']?

Newbie here, not trying to be spoon fed, willing to read and study, just cant find much help on the internet about it.

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Sites like often "clean URLs" instead of traditional URLs with parameters.

Before clean URLs, you would see something like:

In your script, you can access the parameter via


To produce clean URLs, you can use mod_rewrite in Apache (or a similar technology in your chosen web server) to map '/gallery/yjg8v' to '/image.php?id=yjg8v'.

You can find additional mod_rewrite information here.

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And I'm guessing that the ID is in reference to an image URL stored in MYSQL? – user1217709 Apr 10 '12 at 15:22
It could be, but it may also be an image name or any other type of unique identifier. – George Cummins Apr 10 '12 at 15:23
Yeah its just I'm getting users to upload a file, so the ID will reference a file path in the database. Thanks man, really appreciate the help :D – user1217709 Apr 10 '12 at 15:26

yjg8v is a parameter being passed to a script called gallery. It doesn't look like a normal query string because there are various ways of coding a website and the normal query string cab look like a directory structure to the casual observer but actually be running through a front controller or mod_rewrite to get the parameters from the URL like a query string.

This SitePoint article is a bit old but demonstrates how this would work with mod_rewrite perfectly.

You can also use Apache's ForceType to accomplish this purely through PHP

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To make it easier for you, this is called url rewrite, so the real url is like:

then use $_GET['image']

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