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I have as an input:

  1. the number of testcases
  2. an amount of money

As output I need:

  1. The number different coins we have and the value of each coin.

The program should determine whether there is a solution or not, so the output should be either a "yes" or a "no".

I wrote the program using dynamic programming, but it only works when I enter one testcase at a time If i write let's say 200 testcases at once, the output isn't always right.

I'm assuming that I have an issue with incorrectly saved state between test cases. My question is, how could I solve this problem? I'm only asking for some advice.

Here's my code:


#define max_muenzwert 1000

  using namespace std;

  int coin[10];//max. 10 coins
  int d[max_muenzwert][10];//max value of a coin und max. number of coins

  int tabelle(int s,int k)//computes table
    if(d[s][k]!=-1) return d[s][k];

    for(int i=k;i<=9&&s>=coin[i];i++)

    return d[s][k];

 int main()

    int t;
    for(cin>>t;t>0;t--)//number of testcases


                int n;   //value we are searching   
          int n1;              

    cin>>n1;//how many coins

    for (int n2=0; n2<n1; n2++)
        cin>>coin[n2];//value of coins

    memset(d,-1,sizeof(d));//set table to -1

    for(int i=0;i<=9;i++)
             d[0][i]=1;//set only first row to 1 

      if(tabelle(n,0)>0) //if there's a solution

      else //no solution


return 0;
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Is it possible that test cases are running together? For instance, your scanf("%d",...) is going to pick up the first continuous string of decimal digits. –  RageD Apr 10 '12 at 15:39
I hate it when people ask a question then do not care about it! Did my answer fixed your problem? :) –  sowrov Apr 12 '12 at 15:22
@sowrov sorry for not answering, I found an other way to do it and I pretty much deleted this code. But if you want to see the working code, I could post it if want to see it. And thank you for helping –  Urs Hofmann Elizondo May 16 '12 at 8:06

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As you can see you have variable number of coins, which you are taking input using this line: cin>>n1;//how many coins. But in the tabelle method you are always looping through 0 - 9, which is wrong. You should only loop through 0 - n1. Try this test case:

2 5


For the second test set your answer should be no but your program will say yes as it will find 5 in the second element of your coin array.

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Btw, Either use only scanf or only cin but not both on the same project/source. Because they are not compatible, cin object most probably use buffered reading which read out input before you need it and thus scanf will not be able to read anything from the input source. –  sowrov Apr 10 '12 at 17:49
for(int i=k;i<=9&&s>=coin[i];i++)

Here, if coin[i] < s, then the entire loop will break, while you only need to skip this coin.

P.S. Please bother yourself with proper code formatting.

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