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following doesn't work:

class test{
    const t = 10;
    public static $y = array('t' => self::t . 'hello');

can somebody tell me why that is? :)

it fails in the ... => self::t . 'hello')... part, where it, as seams, not is able to concatenate a classconstant in the array().

that implies that both of following works perfect:

public static $y = array('t' => self::t);


public static $y = array('t' => 'hello');
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Always add your error message. And if you paste it into the search box even, you will get ca. 999 questions which are similar, if not even exactly like yours. –  hakre Apr 10 '12 at 16:02

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can somebody tell me why that is?

Concatenation is a product of run-time. Class member initial values must be known at parse time.

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