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I can't find a single example of how to do this. I have a PGP encrypted XLS file and a PGP key. Here's is my code that returns an empty string:

require 'rubygems'
require 'gpgme'

def passfunc(obj, uid_hint, passphrase_info, prev_was_bad, fd)
  io = IO.for_fd(fd, 'w')
  io.puts "PASSPHRASE"

encrypted_data ="file.xls.pgp"))
key ="key.txt"))

ctx = :passphrase_callback => method(:passfunc)
ctx.import_keys key

decrypted = ctx.decrypt encrypted_data


I'm able to decrypt this file in a program called GNU Privacy Assistant on Windows using the same key. Any help is appreciated.

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Daiki Ueno, the developer of Ruby gpgme reached out to me on GitHub:

adding after the line decrypted = ctx.decrypt encrypted_data seems to solve the problem

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Thanks for this. Sometimes I feel like the 'E' of GPGME stands for 'Enigmatic' – aidan Sep 22 '14 at 4:16

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