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I used SlickUpload for many project and I buy a regular license for version 6.x a few months ago. I'm terrified about knowing that after the acquisition is not well supported anymore...the new company is not clear about the future of the product.

Is a great problem for my users, they love the Slick interface:

and I'm not able to find a good alternative to this simple and functional interface. Does anyone use a multi upload component like SlickUpload, with:

  • drag e drop
  • multi upload
  • if supported html5 actions
  • simple use...

If is not the right place to ask this I'll move my question.

EDIT: asp .net ajax licensed components (like SlickUpload) are good too


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I have been using plupload with since 1yr and it's really awesome.It supports various fallbacks and you can check it here. and it supports multiple selection with drag and drop too.

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Definitely take a look here:

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You may have a look at this article. Hope this helps.

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