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I've installed Apache Directory Studio, and created a simple server following this tutorial.

It works fine. Now I'd like to see the log file with all the queries that the server receives. For that, I enable Apache Directory Studio -> Preferences -> apache directory Studio -> apache DS -> Server logs -> Level: Debug

Or is there a better way (to see the LDAP queries from clients)?

However, restarting the server with this, I get a Java heap space error from Apache DS studio.

I've created the file /Applications/Apache\ Directory\ as indicated in this web page, and doubling its values:

but I still get the same error. why is that? is apache ds studio trying to load all the log in memory? (and even is that is the case, the log file is less than 10Mb...)

How to solve this problem? If there is no simple solution, I will install Apache DS by its own (without Apache DS Studio) ; this should work.

Regards, David

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