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I have a simple script that has a jQuery .ajax() that expects an HTML snippet as the returned data. Since it is a cross-domain call, I had to set dataType: 'jsonp'.

The expected returned data looks like:

<li><a href="">Link 1</a></li>
<li><a href="">Link 2</a></li>

Unfortunately, when I ran the script, I got the following error (in the Firebug Console tab). I tried a different dataType such as jsonp html and jsonp text html but to no avail.

unterminated regular expression literal

This is the jsFiddle demo. Help, please?

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1 serves HTML, not JavaScript. – ThiefMaster Apr 10 '12 at 16:56

Do you have the server set up to handle jsonp requests? If not then it won't work (from what I understand).

As an alternative there's a neat little jQuery plugin which will allow you to make cross-domain GET requests:

You can then just use $.ajax as you normally would:

      url: '',
      type: 'GET',
      success: function(data) {

Hope this helps

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You could try wrapping the html returned from the ajax web service in a json object. e.g. {"html":"<li>the rest of your html</li>"}

Then you'll have to unpack the json in the success function by using $('#list').html(data.html)

I think your data must be in a valid json format when using jsonp.

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