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Error!xcor undeclared at setAll() function

I had created object of PointType in Circle class to do sort of composition, but at the initialization of the constructor of Circle it is showing that

" [Error] 'ycor' was not declared in this scope "

" [Error] 'xcor' was not declared in this scope "

I want xcor and ycor in my Circle class in order to get the Radius using setAll() function

Please help!at what i am messing up.

using namespace std;

class PointType{


    int xcor;//x coordinate
    int ycor;//y coordinate

    PointType(int x,int y);
    void setPoint(int x,int y);
    int getx() const;
    int gety() const;



PointType::PointType(int x,int y):xcor(x),ycor(y){

void PointType::setPoint(int x,int y){


int PointType::getx() const{
    return xcor;

int PointType::gety() const{
    return ycor;

class Circle{

        float Radius;
        float Area;
        int Circumference;
        float pi;
        PointType obj1;


    void setAll();
    float getRadius();

    float getArea();

    float getCircumference();
    void callFunction();
    void printAll();
    void pt(int x,int y);



void Circle::setAll(){

        Radius=sqrt(  (xcor*xcor)  + (ycor*ycor)  );

float Circle::getRadius(){
    return Radius;

float Circle::getArea(){
    return Area;

float Circle::getCircumference(){
    return Circumference;

void Circle::printAll(){

        cout<<"The Area is :"<<Area<<endl;
        cout<<"The Circumference is :"<<Circumference<<endl;    
void Circle::pt(int x,int y){

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Your class Circle doesn't have any member variable called xcor or ycor. If you want to get the values of your PointType object, your setAll function should look like:

Radius=sqrt(  (obj1.getx()*obj1.getx())  + (obj1.gety()*obj1.gety())  );

Also you have to change your constructor:


as it doesn't have access to any xcor or ycor either.

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  1. You have to change your Circle constructor, because it knows nothing about xcor and ycor:


  2. The Circle class still doesn't know about xcor and ycor, so you have to change setAll method:

    Radius=sqrt( static_cast<double>((obj1.getx()*obj1.getx()) + (obj1.gety()*obj1.gety())) );

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declare xcor,ycor to Circle' constructor argument, and

add this line before computing Radius:

int xcor = obj1.getx(), ycor = obj1.gety();
Radius=sqrt(  (xcor*xcor)  + (ycor*ycor)  );

You could also consider to inherit PointType for Circle, instead of embedded obj1:

class Circle : public PointType
public: Circle(int x, int y):PointType(x, y) {}
/* remove obj1 */
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