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Let's say I have a domain class

class Profile{
    String name
    byte[] logo

and a controller:

class ImageController {
    def renderImage ={
       def image = Profile.get(
       if (image) {
        } else {

and a gsp:

 <img width="48" 
      src="${createLink(controller: 'image', action: 'renderImage', id: 1)}">

Ok so so far so good. The image renders fine and I am happy. However, since the gsp snippet is part of my main layout the image is rendered each time I reload a page.

My question: is there a way to cache this image (blob mysql)? I have 2nd level caching turned on etc. But I am not sure if the image is cached or not. How would you do this?


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Add static mapping = { cache true } to your Profile domain class to turn on caching. As long as you fetch the Profile objects with get(id), it'll use the cached version. If you're using a more complicated query, you'll need to let grails know the query is cacheable too.

See the Caching section in the Grails manual. Also, it can be helpful to turn on hibernate SQL logging to confirm the objects are cached.

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excellent! thank you! – nemnesic Apr 10 '12 at 18:01

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