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I'm trying to combine List<string> strings using string.Join(",", strings) but everything I'm reading says I should do:

string.Join(",", strings.ToArray())

Is there a certain reason I have to/should use .ToArray()?

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string.Join only started accepting IEnumerable<string> (and indeed a generic overload) as of .NET 4. Presumably you're looking at code (or instructions) written with .NET 3.5 or earlier in mind. Compare the overloads:

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Probably because everything you're reading was written for an earlier version of the framework. The string.Join(string, IEnumerable<string>) method was added in version 4.

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Is there a certain reason I have to/should use .ToArray()?

You don't have to; instead, you're likely looking at older code which existed before the current overloads that don't require you to call ToArray. The new overloads that accept IEnumerable<string> didn't come until .NET 4.0.

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You do not have to use .ToArray() in .Net v4 and above. In v4 IEnumerable plays a big part and a lot of extensions got added.

So, if need to compile with v3.5 or below you will need to use .ToArray(), but with 4.0 and above your code is correct.

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