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This is with GF 3.1.1 build 12.

I have a JSF 2 web application that uses EclipseLink 2.3.0 as the back end JPA provider. You can see the deployment here.

When I use the admin console to redeploy, it uploads the WAR file just fine, then all hell breaks loose. As soon as someone accesses a page the log fills with exceptions usually related to attempting to do operations on a closed EntityManager. If I let it go on, GlassFish degenerates and pretty much crashes -- I can't get any response anymore on the admin port.

If I do a reload, then it seems to work OK. So my question is, what kind of application can do a redeploy without a reload? Is there something I can do to my application to let do a smooth transition from one version to the next?

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I can't comment on glassfish itself, but the error mentioned with EntityManagers might occur if the app is using resource local and not closing its EntityManagerFactory instances when redeployed. – Chris Apr 10 '12 at 20:45

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