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I'm trying to use the FOSUserBundle Unique validator in the controller. As I defined in my validation.xml I can choose what property of my entity should be validated:

<constraint name="FOS\UserBundle\Validator\Unique">
   <option name="property">dni</option>
   <option name="message">The value for DNI is already registered</option>
   <option name="groups">

But when I call it on the controller (following this):

use FOS\UserBundle\Validator\Unique;

public function acceptNewTosAction(Request $request) {
    if ($request->getMethod() == 'POST') {
        $uniqueConstraint = new Unique(array('property' => 'dni'));
        $formData = $request->request->get('old_user');
        $dni = $formData['dni'];
        $uniqueError = $this->get('validator')->validateValue($dni, $uniqueConstraint);

I get this error: Expected argument of type FOS\UserBundle\Model\UserInterface, string given

Is possible to proceed in that way? How I should implement Unique validator in the controller? Many thanks.

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I realized how this should be. Just tell the form in what validation group is:

public function getDefaultOptions(array $options) {
    return array(
        'data_class' => 'Capsa\Bundle\ClubCommonBundle\Entity\User',
        'validation_groups' => array('UpdateOldUsers')


And then in the controller, check if ($form->isValid())

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