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Ok so I have a delete users button

  <button id="delete" data="<%= user_path(@user) %>">Delete User</button>

which is using the jquery ui


and i want the clicking to delete the user so i have

      if(confirm("Are you sure?")){
          var url = $(this).attr('data');
          $.post(url, {_method:'delete'}, null, "script");
          document.location = '<%= users_path %>';
          return false;
      } else {
          return false;

All works great but when the page refreshes I get no flash from my destroy action

def destroy
  flash[:success] = "User deleted."
  redirect_to users_path

Any suggestions on how to fix this or restructure what i have done. I cant just use a link_to or button_to for styling purposes

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Have you rendered flash messages anywhere in your views? Setting a flash won't do anything if you aren't displaying them :/ –  nzifnab Apr 10 '12 at 17:45
its rendering but i assume the problem is that the jquery post is causing the issue –  Trace Apr 10 '12 at 17:47
the flash message appears when i just use the link_to –  Trace Apr 10 '12 at 17:48

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Flash data only exists for the following request. It is being "eaten" by your AJAX postback.

When you post via $.post, you're actually making two requests; the delete requests follows the redirect and issues a get request to users_path. That request sees the flash data. When you then set your document.location to users_path, there is no longer any flash data to render.

You absolutely should not be handling this through hand-rolled AJAX. Allow your link to be clicked like a regular link and allow Rails' UJS to handle the post-back/confirm dialog. This should in no way impact your ability to style the link unless you're doing something very wrong.

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