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I want to do a brew upgrade and tell homebrew do not upgrade the erlang formula since the latest one does not work on my system.

Is it possible do do something like homebrew upgrade --skip erlang?

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I finally found an answer: since commit 85eb73ce there is a pin subcommand available. So ignoring a formula on brew upgrade is as simple as pinning it via brew pin <formula>. To un-pin it, simply invoke brew unpin <formula>.

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You could upgrade erlang to the latest version but keep using the older working version with the brew commands versions and switch.

To list available versions use:

brew versions erlang

To switch between two installed versions (I'll presume you wanted erlang R14):

brew switch erlang R14B04
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i had a similar 'problem'. i installed libfreenect (unstable) directly on my system. and now i dont want homebrew to upgrade it. i solved it by deleting following file:


analogous it would be /usr/local/Library/Formula/erlang.rb for you

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