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what is the difference between a "plugin" and a "component" in cakephp? I have some things that i thought were components - because they are loaded with the

var $components = array(...);

but now that i have upgraded to cakephp 2.1 (from 1.3) I am told that these are, in fact, "plugins" by the useless error message. Are components just another name for plugins... or something else?

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Mensch is correct. Please post the error to help figure things out. – Costa Apr 10 '12 at 23:37

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Components and Plugins are still separate entities in Cake 2.0. According to the manual components are "are packages of logic that are shared between controllers", whereas plugins are "a combination of controllers, models, and views". Compoments extend the base Component class, while Plugins have their own AppModel and AppController.

Think of a plugin as a separate Cake application sharing the same core libraries with your main application.

Also, in Cake 2.0 components are handled slightly different from 1.3 (they should have component in their file name, so SessionComponent.php instead of session.php, for example) and some functions were removed. The EmailComponent was deprecated entirely, for example.

The error messages you're getting might refer to third-party components. Which ones are giving you trouble?

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Sigh, the upload and Forum ones - by a chap called Miles. If i wasn't so busy apt hunting i think i might have solved the issues! But thanks for the info! If you have info let me now! – bharal Apr 12 '12 at 13:12

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