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I have created a Spring webapp, the app is working on tomcat and CloudFoundry, but I am getting an error attempting to start the app on JBoss (OpenShift express).

On starting I get the following error:

2012/04/10 11:11:58,967 ERROR [org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoader] (MSC service thread 1-1) Context initialization failed: org.springframework.beans.BeanInstantiationException: 
Could not instantiate bean class [org.springframework.web.context.support.XmlWebApplicationContext]: Constructor threw exception; nested exception is java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: 
        at org.springframework.beans.BeanUtils.instantiateClass(BeanUtils.java:162) [spring-beans-3.1.1.RELEASE.jar:3.1.1.RELEASE]
        at org.springframework.beans.BeanUtils.instantiateClass(BeanUtils.java:104) [spring-beans-3.1.1.RELEASE.jar:3.1.1.RELEASE]
        at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:679) [rt.jar:1.6.0_22]
Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.springframework.core.convert.converter.ConverterRegistry.addConverter(Ljava/lang/Class;Ljava/lang/Class;Lorg/springframework/core/convert/converter/Converter;)V
        at org.springframework.core.convert.support.DefaultConversionService.addScalarConverters(DefaultConversionService.java:62) [org.springframework.core-3.1.1.RELEASE.jar:3.1.1.RELEASE]
        at org.springframework.core.convert.support.DefaultConversionService.addDefaultConverters(DefaultConversionService.java:53) [org.springframework.core-3.1.1.RELEASE.jar:3.1.1.RELEASE]
        at org.springframework.core.convert.support.DefaultConversionService.<init>(DefaultConversionService.java:42) [org.springframework.core-3.1.1.RELEASE.jar:3.1.1.RELEASE]
... 12 more

I assumed it was a JAR conflict/dupplication and went to check the maven setup for dependency conflicts, however, having checked the transitive dependencies in the Eclipse Maven Dependency heirarchy, I am definetly exlcuding all versions except 3.1.1 (this class in question was introduced in v3.0 i believe) - and that is of both Spring-core and org.springframework.core)

Anyone have any ideas what I might be missing?

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Ok, I discovered the issue.

Using M2Eclipse Maven plugin in Eclipse, I had excluded the spring-core dependency (this had excluded the library from every dependency where it was a transitive dependency), I assumed this would be ok as I was using the org.springframework.core library instead.

However, it looks like it has only excluded them from the first level transitive dependencies, and in my built WAR file, it was still pulling down spring-core.3.0.3 (I hadnt done this before as I am deploying to Redhat's OpenShift platform and it took a bit of work getting things set up so i could scp to the server to get the built war)

I have now fixed this issue by explicitly declaring a dependency on spring-core.3.1.1 and excluding all others to ensure that the latest gets pulled down.

I guess the moral is don't believe the "Resolved Dependencies" view in M2Eclipse plugin for a view of the libs being used.

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