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first off the example code, I have a class like so

Public class SomeClass
  Public int indexNum {get;set;}
  Public int value1 {get;set;}
  Public int value2 {get;set;}

  Public SomeClass(){}

I create a list and fill it.

List<SomeClass> AList = new List<SomeClass>();

for(int i =0; i < 5; i++)
  AList.Add(new SomeClass()
        indexNum = i,
        Value1 = i * 5,
        Value2 = i * 2

MyChart.DataContext = AList;

and the binding in the chart like so

DependentValueBinding="{Binding Value1}" IndependentValueBinding="{Binding indexNum}"

Now on the page there will be a button at the top. When I push the button I would like the DependentValueBinding to switch from Value1 to Value2. Can this all be done in the xaml code or do I have to create all the bindings in the code behind?

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You can use XamlWriter.Save method to serialize an object.

And you can use XamlReader.Load method to deserialize the a XAML string.

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I couldn't find how to do all this in xaml but in code behind its just as simple as this

((ColumnSeries)MyChart.Series[0]).DependentValueBinding = 
   new System.Windows.Data.Binding("Value2");
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