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I think due to network restictions in my company I am not able to install PMD using

Sotware Update->Find and Install.

I tried these sites



but network error occurs 'Unable to access '

Is there any place from where I can download the plugin as zip file and then put it into the plugins folder? Will that work?

I downloaded pmd-eclipse-1.8.0.zip from a site(which i dont remember now) and PMD option shows up on right clicking the project/files but options like 'Check code with PMD','Clear PMD violations' etc are not showing up on the context menu.


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you can try the following (assuming you are allowed to connect eg. a pendrive at work). At home create a mirror of the update site with following command (use command line):

(more information: http://wiki.eclipse.org/Equinox_p2_Repository_Mirroring)

 ./eclipse -nosplash -verbose
  -application org.eclipse.equinox.p2.artifact.repository.mirrorApplication
  -source Insert Source URL (e.g. http://download.eclipse.org/eclipse/updates/3.4milestones/)
  -destination Insert Destination URL (e.g. file:/tmp/3.4milestonesMirror/)

This will create a local mirror. take that directory with its content to work, use a local update site pointing to the directory you copied over from your pendrive. If it has dependency that is not provided in PMD update site but somewhere else, I guess you will have to do the same with that dependency (create mirror...) and set up the update site location in your Eclipse properly (remove remote update sites...)

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You can download the eclipse pmd files and follow the official instructions using a local repository. If your company blocks sourceforge, first you should complain - that is a developer site to browse docs and the like. If you are allowed to e-mail the files or use a portable drive, you can transport them that way.

It seems much more likely that they block eclipse updates rather than sourceforge itself though.

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