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This is driving me crazy right now. I cannot get a simple router to work...

    jQuery ->
        class MyRouter extends Backbone.Router
              ""            :"index"
              "/list"       :"showList"
              "/item/:id"   :"showItem"
            index: =>
              alert "index"
            showList: =>
              alert "get the lists"
            showItem: (id)=>
              alert "the item #{id}"

         @app = window ? {}
         @app = window.app ? {}
         @app.myRouter = MyRouter

I always get this error: index.js:50Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'start' of undefined

and I saw this: Cannot call 'start' of undefined when starting backbone.js history.

but it did not help =(...

I am sure this is an easy one but I am some sort of stuck here ... please help...

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You didn't create an instance of a Backbone.Router, so Backbone.history.start() will fail.

@app.myRouter = new MyRouter()

The link you posted tells you exactly what the problem is:

TypeError: Cannot call method 'start' of undefined**

Hmm, for some reason Backbone.history is undefined, and so there is no start method on it. It turns out that Backbone.js creates an instance of Backbone.History (upper case ‘H’) called Backbone.history (lower case ‘h’) once a controller has been created that has at least one route specified on it. This makes sense, as history management is only required if there are routes to respond to.

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thanks! you saved my day! –  silverfighter Apr 10 '12 at 19:38
@silverfighter I've read that exact post you linked trying to puzzle out why my router wasn't working just the other day too. :) –  asawyer Apr 10 '12 at 19:40

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