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I'm using couchrest_model to manage some DBs in Rails. So far, it worked like a charm, but I noticed that if I PUT some data via HTTP request, CouchRest Model doesn't seem to realise that the changes are made, so it wipes off the whole record. Of course, I can see the changes in Futon, but not in Rails. When I enter the console, the previously saved instance is just not there.

Of course, I could use HTTP all the way, but I'd really like to make use of validations and other goodies that are available in ActiveRecord class.

Is there any chance that I can make these two guys work together?


If you think/know that this approach will work with any other CouchDB Ruby/Rails gem, please, do tell! =) I've mentioned CouchRest Model because IMO it's the most up-to-date and advanced gem out there.

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I realised that this one was so damn easy, it's just that I was using the wrong tool (apart from being a proper n00b). AFAICT, it's not possible to use CouchRest Model solely to carry out persistent operations on CouchDB backend. All external calls that alter the database record(s) in certain way will somehow "remove" that record from ActiveARecord. Instead, you'd probably like to use CouchPotato, since it supports persistent operations.

I'll be glad to give checkmark if anyone comes up with vaguely better idea that this one.

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