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I have an app where the /index path has a special meaning. I don't want path / to be synonymous with /index. Right now, when I access /, cherrypy internally redirects me to the index view (object method).

How do I route the path / to some view other than index? For example, in my case, I want it to be synonymous to /status.

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You should be able to mount / to the same location as /status, somewhere in your code you probably have may have a line something like this:

cherrypy.tree.mount(Status(), '/status', config)

Change it to the following:

status = Status()
cherrypy.tree.mount(status, '/status', config)
cherrypy.tree.mount(status, '/', config)
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I'm using cherrypy.quickstart(Server(), config). I'll look into this tree.mount and see how it fits in. Cheers. –  user124114 Apr 11 '12 at 7:45

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