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What should I use in WPF instead WinForms ErrorProvider control to show error messages?

I have looked at codeplex and at http://gallery.expression.microsoft.com/, and I didn't see anything similar.

Can anyone suggest a good WPF replacement to me?


Let's take the standard approach that is applied in the codeproject article on WPF validation:

        <Binding Path="Name">
                <ExceptionValidationRule />

This complies with .net 3 rules. In .net 4, Expression Blend Generates code like this:

<TextBox Margin="48,72,63,201" TextWrapping="Wrap" Text="{Binding Input, ElementName=Window, FallbackValue=1+1, Mode=TwoWay, UpdateSourceTrigger=PropertyChanged}" TextChanged="TextBox_TextChanged" />

and trying to add Binding.ValidationRules inside this TextBox crashes the code.

What is the proper syntax of adding validation in .net 4?

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possible duplicate of Error Provider in WPF –  Justin Pihony Apr 10 '12 at 20:08
the question is 3 years old. May be something has changed since –  Arsen Zahray Apr 10 '12 at 20:09
I think the link provided in that answer is still probably your best bet. –  Liz Apr 10 '12 at 20:24

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you can do it by yourself. look here to see what i have done.

enter image description here

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