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I am using Rails 3.1.3 with active admin gem.

I am trying overwrite the create controller action for my model. So in my activeadmin model resource coding this:

ActiveAdmin.register MyModel do
    form :partial => "form"
    menu :label => "MyModel"

    controller do
      def create
          @model = MyModel.new(params[:my_model])


          redirect_to admin_my_model_path(@property)

        rescue Exception => e
          render 'new'

however when i render the new action the beuty styles of active admin vanished.

Which could be the problem?. Could post a overwrited create action example?

Thanks in advance.

PD: Excuse me for my english.

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Excuse me. I find the solution in stackoverflow. Now paste the link:

The Solution here

Thanks and excuse me again.

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