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I am trying to assign a different font to my project. I want the new font is valid for the entire project, but all I find is to change the font to a textview

Typeface font1 = Typeface.createFromAsset(getAssets(), "fonts/RockFont.ttf");
TextView customText1 = (TextView)findViewById(;
customText1.setText("Hello! This is a custom font...");

There any way to default to the entire project a custom font? Best regard

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Not exactly what you asked for, but building on the comment above there are ways to make using a custom font with default controls easier.

This shows how to extend TextView and use a custom attribute so the TextView supports a custom font.
Custom fonts and XML layouts (Android)

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What I do is create a support class and instantiate it from my activity and pass through all the views I wish to style.

public class textfactory{
private TextView tv;
private Button b;
private RadioButton rb;

private TypeFace font;

* fetch font resource
public textfactory(Context context){
    this.font = Typeface.createFromAsset(context.getAssets(), 'customfont.ttf');
* pass in all the views you wish to apply font to
public void style(View... views){
    for(View v : views){
        if(v instance of TextView)
            tv = (TextView)v;
        else if(v instance of Button)
            b = (Button)v;
        else if(v instance of RadioButton)
            rb = (RadioButton)v;
        //add as many view conditionals as required
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