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I want to store all of the data that is kept in encoding_symbols_tab [0] in symbol_and_header. 'encoding_symbols_tab' points to an array with e.g. 500 * 1024 chars.

I modified the following code for this example.

void** encoding_symbols_tab;


char* return_symbol_and_header_array ()
    { //abcd
    char* symbol_and_header =  (char*)calloc(1, 1024 + 14 );
    int k=0;
    for (k=0; k < 1024; k++)
    symbol_and_header [k+14] = (char) encoding_symbols_tab [0][k];

    return symbol_and_header;

When I run this code I get 'error: invalid use of void expression' How should I change the code in order to resolve this (without changing the type of 'void** encoding_symbols_tab').? It is a C-program.

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How encoding_symbols_tab is filled up? What does it contain? – crazyjul Apr 10 '12 at 21:02
try ((char **) encoding_symbols_tab) [0][k] – keety Apr 10 '12 at 21:03

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((char**)encoding_symbols_tab) [0][k];
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Thanks! Now it is working!! – Anders Branderud Apr 11 '12 at 9:53

If encoding_symbols_tab points to characters, why do you declare it as pointing to void *s? You cannot dereference a void * pointer because it doesn't point to data of any type.

You could declare char **encoding_symbols_tab instead of void **encoding_symbols_tab, but, first, make sure that's what it really points to. In your question you suggest that it might be something else:

  • If encoding_symbols_tab points to a flat array of 500 * 1024 characters (i.e. 512000 characters) then you must:
    • Declare encoding_symbols_tab as char *
    • Reference its elements as encoding_symbols_tab[x*1024+k]
  • If encoding_symbols_tab points to an array of 500 char * pointers which themselves each point to an array of 1024 characters, then you must:
    • Declare encoding_symbols_tab as char **
    • Reference its elements as encoding_symbols_tab[x][k]

assuming x is the first dimension (out of 500) and k is the second dimension (out of 1024).

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