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I'm working on a cross platform C++ application for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The development is done on Windows and then compatibility with gcc on Mac OS X and Linux is tested. On windows we use Visual Studio for compilation and under Linux and Mac OS X we use Makefiles.

Is there a way to filter the compiler warnings per project/module? Most projects have their own Makefile and then call qmake for sub-projects. Is their a tool or provent method to collect compiler warnings and errors in such a scenario? Ideally I'd like to have html output, with a summary per project and a detail page for the actual errors.

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GCC sends warnings and errors to standard error (file descriptor 2) while normal output goes to standard output (file descriptor 1). You could redirect warnings or errors to an extra file and parse the outputs to generate a report.

$ make 1> log 2> error_log
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