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I am using ruby key & value fields to save a jquery function to the database and everything works fine but how can I separate the value params?

def update_background
  key = "#{current_user}.profile.background"
  settings = Settings.find_by_key(key) || key)
  settings.value = params[:bg_id], params[:color_id]

  respond_to do |format|
    format.json do
        render text: "success"
        render text: "failure"

The above code works fine but the problem is my css is not formatted properly. The code usually shows like so

background:  url(../assets/stripes.png rgb(76, 72, 128))

In my helper file.

def saved_background
  key = "#{current_user}.profile.background"
  settings = Settings.find_by_key(key)
   if settings

How can I separate the 2 params in value so that my code will look like

background: rgb(76, 72, 128) url(../assets/stripes.png)
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You're basically saving an array to settings.value, and using it all within the url string.

Either separate the settings into individual values, or use each element individually:

"url(#{settings.value[0]}) #{settings.value[1]}"

Edit Ah, it's an AR field--so it's likely being saved as just the string rep of the array. Trivial to check, and you should have already.

You need to save it in the format you actually want it--so:

settings.value = "url(#{params[:bg_id]}) #{params[:color_id]}"


def saved_background
  key = "#{current_user}.profile.background"
  settings = Settings.find_by_key(key)
  settings.value if settings
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does not output value when using the above method but when removing array index number I can see value. Any other suggestions? – coletrain Apr 10 '12 at 22:09
@coletrain Updated; missed it was an AR field. – Dave Newton Apr 10 '12 at 22:32

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