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In the app/views/alerts/_form.html.erb I have the form (where I've set @alert =

<%= form_for( @alert, :remote => true ) do |f| %>

This works fine and when I click submit I get

Processing by AlertsController#create as JS

and I eventually enter app/views/alerts/create.js.erb.

However, if I render the form through a JQuery call the :remote => true seems to be forgotten.

$("div.new_alert").html( "<%= escape_javascript( render( :partial => "alerts/form" ) ) %>" );

Now, when I click submit I get

Processing by AlertsController#create as HTML

and the format.html action is run.

How can I render the form through JQuery and still have the processing as JS?

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The problem vanished when upgrading from Rails 3.0 to 3.1. I'm not sure what the problem was with 3.0, but most likely I was being sloppy with javascript_include_tag, so JQuery might have been partially broken somehow. I cleaned up the javascript_include_tag when upgrading, and now I don't have the problem anymore.

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