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I am having trouble removing the time field from a playlist in the Spotify App. I only want to display Song title, Artist and Album. Any help on this topic would be truly helpful.

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You can specify which track attributes to display using the List object. An example is here: http://deceptacle.com/2011/12/26/spotify-app-api-some-things/

var list = new views.List(playlist, function (track) {
    return new views.Track(track, views.Track.FIELD.NAME |
                views.Track.FIELD.ARTIST |


More fleshed out example:

var pl = m.Playlist.fromURI("spotify:user:rhino_records:playlist:6sSFeKDgDxVR81YqNOuPf2");
var list = new v.List(pl, function (track) {
    return new views.Track(track, views.Track.FIELD.NAME |
                views.Track.FIELD.ARTIST |


m is the models namespace, v is the views namespace. For some reason, it's not quite working for me. It seems like the observer methods aren't being called at the moment. Seems to be a spotify backend thing though. It seems to get called eventually after some prodding

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Im using the "standardized track listings" stackoverflow.com/questions/8608692/… sp = getSpotifyApi(1); exports.init = init; function init() { console.log("init()"); } var m = sp.require("sp://import/scripts/api/models"); var v = sp.require("sp://import/scripts/api/views"); var pl = m.Playlist.fromURI("spotify:user:rhino_records:playlist:6sSFeKDgDxVR81YqNOuPf2")‌​; document.body.appendChild(list.node); When I ad the var list function the playlist call breaks. Im stumped. –  Teo Skylark Apr 11 '12 at 0:53
In your example Andrew, how do we call the playlist function? everything loads fine, however I receive an error that says Playlist wasn't called in the .js. –  Teo Skylark Apr 11 '12 at 1:01
Andrew, Thank you for this. I modified the View and it worked. This is what I changed: <!-- language: lang-js --> var m = sp.require("sp://import/scripts/api/models"); var views = sp.require("sp://import/scripts/api/views"); var pl = m.Playlist.fromURI("spotify:user:rhino_records:playlist:6sSFeKDgDxVR81YqNOuPf2")‌​; var list = new views.List(pl, function (track) { return new views.Track(track, views.Track.FIELD.NAME | views.Track.FIELD.STAR | views.Track.FIELD.ARTIST | views.Track.FIELD.ALBUM); }); document.body.appendChild(list.node);' Thanks again. –  Teo Skylark Apr 11 '12 at 9:43

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