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I need to find a reliable provider for CDN and Windows based cloud servers.

I need cloud servers to host the web application and database. I need CDN to stream Photos and Videos. My databases in the cloud will be the origin for the photos and videos.

CDN Requirements: Bandwidth: 1TB minimum to start with Edges: North America + EU + Asia + Middle East(?)

Cloud servers:

Disk space 2TB to start with

RAM: 4GB or up

Price that I can afford: $300-$400 per month

Site will grow and I would need more space and bandwidth.


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For the CDN hosting, I can suggest you to try out RackSpace, Max CDN or DediServe.com. I've used DediServe.com out of all these providers. I believe that their negative point is, AnycastDNS system - which is not able to accurately identify the origin AIRPORT of the visitor. For example, I am in India and I am trying to access one of my website hosted on their server - it is but natural that my site should be delivered from the nearest INDIAN POP Server. But with the surprise, my request was routed to Malaysia Edge Location instead of Indian Edge location. Their plus point is Prepaid Model and easy to setup services.

For the Windows Servers in Cloud, my top 3 choices are SERVERINTELLECT.COM, AccuWebHosting.Com or ExaBytes.Com. All of them offer Prepaid and Pay as you go payment model for the cloud servers.

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I recommend GoGrid's CDN service. Under the hood, GoGrid rebrands EdgeCast's CDN service so you get the speed and reliability of a top 3 CDN provider at a fraction of the normal cost. You are charged based on bandwidth and storage (if you don't have an origin server).

There are a variety of vendors who offer Windows hosting: GoGrid, Rackspace, Amazon EC2.

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This is a Top10 review of Cloud CDN acceleration and security providers.


You can use them as a front-gate for both CDN and Proxy acceleration. The whole site (no need to separate CDN from DB and applications) can sit on a single sever in the background. The provider will automatically take care of content Caching and Proxy delivery.

As to server locale - Incapsula is the only one that has North America + EU + Asia + Middle East covered. See here:


Also, it provides Advanced Caching feature (for caching Dynamicly Generated Content) which is useful for larger sites, especially e-commerce sites or sites with on-site search.

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