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I saw an example in ROR for testing some domain class:

context "Validations" do
   [:city, :zip, :street].each do |attr|
      it "must have a #{attr}" do
         a = Address.new
         a.should_not be_valid
         a.errors.on(attr).should_not be_nil

It creates tests on the fly with different values an different names... It's kind interesting, but... can I do this with spock or jUnit?

Thanks a lot

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Using Spock:

class Validations extends Specification {
    def "must have a #attr"() {
        def a = new Address()

        a.errors.on(attr) != null

        attr << ["city", "zip", "street"]

If there is more than one data variable, table syntax is more convenient:

        attr1    | attr2
        "city"   | ...
        "zip"    | ...
        "street" | ...
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Thanks a lot! Very concise and useful answer! ;-) Regards –  mpccolorado Apr 10 '12 at 23:13

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