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Here is the link to the site http://kennunn.com/our_attorneys-new.html.

If you load this in Chrome you will see how it supposed to look. The problem is that IE 7-9 will load this page correctly up until it decides to do a little rearranging and it moves the attorney pics and content next to them completely out of place. I am not sure what is causing it to suddenly mess up right at the end of the page load.

We are using web fonts from fonts.com with their CSS API but I have tried removing it and it did not help.

Hopefully someone can help us out as I have been pulling my hair out over this.

Thanks for you time and efforts.

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The issue appears to be related to your script, fixpng.js. At a quick glance, it appears to be setting the parent node of the images to be position:absolute, which would naturally screw up your layout.

When I skip that code, it renders fine.

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Thanks! That was indeed causing the problem! –  WH Web Dev Apr 12 '12 at 15:09

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