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...when several apps define similarly named templates outside of a proper hierarchy. Thank you.

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The template loaders are applied in the order you've defined in settings.TEMPLATE_LOADERS.

For example, if you have the app_directories loader running AFTER the filesystem loader and your template is located in the filesystem loader, the app_directories loader will never be used.

If you're talking about the app_directories loader specifically, it searches your app template folders in the order they are defined in INSTALLED_APPS.

If you have conflicting template names that are not on purpose (not some kind of override hierarchy), chances are you are better off prefixing each template folder with the app name.

# this is standard
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Not exactly clear on what you mean. When you are specifying a template you should name it appropriately and specify it exactly. If you mean something like the admin that chooses the "best" template from a list of templates, it's uses a simple algorithm to find the best match. It does this simply by passing a list of templates to loader.select_template and the first one that is valid is used.

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I was just curious if template are loaded once and cached at startup, which would impact how Django behaves if it finds several templates that share a name. –  Pier1 Sys Apr 11 '12 at 1:12

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