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I would like to use a Scanner to read input (a number) until it encounters either '+','-', '*', or '/'. These operators should end the input, and the value before the respective operator should be stored in a variable.

I am thinking about doing this by using the operators as delimiters. Am I on the right track, or is there a better way to do this?


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String.split( ) is probably your best bet here.

But be careful! String.split() takes a Regular Expression as its argument. Because + and * are meta-characters with special meaning in regular expressions, you need to escape them.

The regular expression "-|\\+|\\*|/" will split your string on occurrences of - or + or * or /.

This example code should print the following: [20, 30, 40]

String test = "20+30*40";

String[] tokens = split( "-|\\+|\\*|/" );

System.out.println( Arrays.toString( tokens ) )
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You are on the right track.

you can use the String.split() function to split a string of characters by either +, - , or /.

which will end up being

String[] allStrings = String.split("+|-|/");

Which gives you an array of Strings that were split by either of those delimiters.

If you need more help, please post your code so we can help you.

Have a good day

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