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On a blog I am working on, I use a cookie to save a user preference on which side of the layout that the sidebar should show, so I have a cookie something like this...

name: sidebar_switcher
value: right or left

No wI just built a Modal/screen overlay DIV that shows on users first visit, I made it set a DIV once this Modal window is hidden/closed so that I don't nag the user on every visit with it. SO I now have another cookie being saved like this...

name: subscribe
value: yes or no

So my question, since each Cookie is a new HTTP request as far as I know, should I instead be storing these values into 1 cookie? If that is the case, then should I do it as a JSON string?

Thanks for advice

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You could store it as one cookie, or you could use localStorage() with a fallback on cookies.

That way, your users with modern browsers don't need to parse any cookies around.

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