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I want my array to become the keys of my new hash. I am writing a program that counts the number of word occurrences in a document.

my @array = split(" ", $line);

keys my %word_count = @array; #This does nothing

This segment is occuring while I am reading the infile line by line. I am trying to find a way to complete this project using hashes. The words are the keys, and the number of times they appear are the values. But, this step in particular is puzzling me.

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Use a hash slice.

my %word_count;
@word_count{split ' ', $line} = ();

# if you like wasting memory:
# my @array = split ' ', $line;
# @word_count{@array} = (0) x @array;
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You can't do it that way, certainly.

my %word_count = map {($_, 0)} @array;

would initialize the keys of the hash; but generally in Perl you don't want to do that. Two issues here are that

  1. you need a second pass to actually account for the words in the line;
  2. you can't cheat and change the 0 to 1 above, because if a word is repeated in the line you will count it only once, the others being overwritten.
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my %word_count = map { $_ => 0 } split(" ", $line);
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You're trying to count the number of occurences of words in a line, right? If so, you want

my %word_count;
++$word_count for split(/\s+/, $line);

Or to put it on its head in order to facilitate refining the definition of a word:

my %word_count;
++$word_count for $line =~ /(\S+)/g;
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