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I am hoping to use jOrgChart (link: jOrgChart) for the user to dynamically create a tree algorithm. I am running into many problems as expected (this being my first time using a tree plug-in) but the first and foremost is that I cant get a ".add_child" input button to add another 'li' to, well, anything...

I hope someone can spot what I am doing wrong.

here's my jsfiddle

I wrote this in at the bottom of the plug-in in order to show it all in one javascript file:

$(document).ready(function() {
        click: function() {
            var $new_child = '<li>test1</li>';


Note: I also added this at the very end of the plug-in to make it so the "+" button wouldn't collapse the tree:

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Take a look at this fork, it has the ability to add/remove nodes https://github.com/vellonce/jOrgChart

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