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I followed the instructions at for installing Self 4.4 on my OS X box. The Self-4.4.pkg installed without issue, but there is no "...small shell script at /usr/bin/Self".

The files that are supposed to be in /Libarary/Self are there, but double-clicking on them does nothing. Double clicking on the Snapshots is equally futile.

How do I get this thing to run?

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This currently is a bug in the Installer that should get fixed soon. In the meantime,

  • you can create the file /usr/bin/Self yourself with the following content

    /Library/Self/0/ $@
  • you can use the actual Self executable directly: /Library/Self/0/

(in both cases, you should use the -s command-line switch when you want to load a snapshot)

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Thanks. That's the ticket! –  Bob Kuhar Apr 11 '12 at 17:15

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