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I have swipeleft/swiperight working well in my app but when the user does the mousedown over an anchor tag, the swiping action is not triggered.

How can I make the swipe work even when the user does the mousedown on an anchor tag?

EDIT: It looks like this is only an issue in browsers on computers - tablets work fine.

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You can swipe with the normal left button in any modern browser on the desktop.

Make sure you prevent the default action on the dragstart event on your div.

$("div").bind('dragstart', function(event) {event.preventDefault(); });

I have a working copy here...


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Hmm... Doesn't work for me. I have carousel div > ul > li > a > img. Tried to prevent drag on each element in that tree. Seems other problem, it works if i unwrap images. –  Rantiev Feb 10 at 12:03
what browser are you using? Can you post a js fiddle? –  Trent Feb 10 at 13:13
I changed the link above to a working jsfiddle. Check it out. jsfiddle.net/38nXe –  Trent Feb 10 at 13:16
I have posted the solution of my problem as additional answer to the question. –  Rantiev Feb 10 at 18:17
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You can swipe on a desktop browser using the right mouse button. It is not very elegant as it also opens the context menu. But it works everywhere. Alex

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As for me it was caused "excludedElements", it filters all buttons, select, textarea, inputs and anchors.

To make it work add additional parameter with empty array for example.

$("#test").swipe({ excludedElements:[] });

See touchSwipe plugin docs here enter link description here

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