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I have a new Small Amazon Ubuntu server, using the standard AMI. I added a job to init.d, and I am trying to add a job to my startup using update-rc.d. However, I get a command not found error for update-rc.d. I thought this was part of the standard installation for Ubuntu, and I don't see any suggestions on how to install this. Any thoughts?


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Are you admin? when I try its there. Can you try to do do a: find / -name update-rc.d maybe its somewhere else or do you don't have permission.

Also what version of ubuntu are you using?

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Yes - I am an admin. I attempted to do a sudo find ... and found nothing. Again, I am a bit surprised. I am running a standard AMI on EC2 - here is the link to their most recent release that I am running - it says kernel version 3.2.12. Thanks for checking. – oraserrata Apr 20 '12 at 17:59

You might actually want to use chkconfig. For example, to enable memcached, you could do

sudo chkconfig --level 345 memcached on

After you reboot, memcached should be automatically started. This worked for me on the Amazon Linux AMI 2012.03.

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