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I've few movieclip from library that will add to stage, inside of the movieclip have some mc that I want to control it, here is my script.

if (selectDiffText.text == "Collection 1 Easy")
        var c1_easy:cartoonEasy = new cartoonEasy();
        c1_easy.x = 412;
        c1_easy.y = 400;
        TweenMax.from(c1_easy, 0.5, {alpha:0, ease:Expo.easeOut});
    else if (selectDiffText.text == "Collection 1 Medium")
        var c1_medium:cartoonMedium = new cartoonMedium();
        c1_medium.x = 412;
        c1_medium.y = 400;
        TweenMax.from(c1_medium, 0.5, {alpha:0, ease:Expo.easeOut});

Code above will load particular movieclip from library if the selectDiffText change.

var movieList:Array = [cartoonMedium1,cartoonMedium2,cartoonMedium3,cartoonMedium4,cartoonMedium5,cartoonMedium6];

function getRandomMovie():MovieClip
    var index:int = Math.floor(Math.random() * movieList.length);
    var mcClass:Class = movieList.splice(index,1)[0];
    return new mcClass();
playGame = getRandomMovie();

let say if c1_medium is added to stage, c1_medium will also randomly added 1 of the movieclip from library on it.

inside of the playGame mc, I've mouseTarget.alpha = 0;...how can I control it from root level? c1_easy also have the mouseTarget.alpha=0 too.

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What exactly are you wanting this code to do? –  Jordan Apr 11 '12 at 1:51
each of the c1_easy and c1_medium have the mc called mouseTarget, but each time I just loaded either c1_easy or c1_medium to the stage only. I want to control the alpha value of the mouseTarget. The level is like this Stage>c1_easy/c1_medium>playGame what i want is from root/stage to control mouseTarget which in playGame which added by either c1_easy or c1_medium –  pizza0502 Apr 11 '12 at 3:32

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To do this easily, c1_easy and c1_medium should both extend the same class. For example:

class c1_easy extends CartoonGenericClass{[...]}


class c1_medium extends CartoonGenericClass{[...]}

In CartoonGenericClass, you would have the variable mouseTarget. You make this public using the getter/setter:

protected var _mouseTarget:Number;

public function get mouseTarget():Number{
    return _mouseTarget;

public function set mouseTarget(value:Number):void{
    // (should probably do some verification on "value" here)
    _mouseTarget.alpha = value;

This will allow access to the variable mouseTarget (note that there is no underscore) from any object that can access either c1_easy or c1_medium:

c1_easy.mouseTarget = 0;
c1_medium.mouseTarget = .3;

etc. etc. This is standard OOP, so it may be time to crack a doc. HTH!

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Sorry I'm not very familiar to code in classes...anyway to make it coded in timeline? I'm not coding in timeline not very good... –  pizza0502 Apr 11 '12 at 3:33
Sure, I guess. Not the same method, but you can access whatever is in any object that is on the stage by going through the root object . . . all display objects have access to it. I haven't done that in a while, but I think the format would be _root.c1_whatever.mouseTarget. However, you have to be careful to add c1_whatever to the root, and not to some other object. So: _root.addChild(c1_whatever). All this tells me, though, is that you will gain vast benefit from learning ActionScript 3.0. Try using FlashDevelop to start out, and read some "Hello world" tutorials to get started. –  iND Apr 11 '12 at 3:58

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