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If users experience an exception in UAT they'll log a bug in TFS, eg:

public void TopLevelExceptionHandler(Exception ex)
System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(Settings.Default.TFSBugReportingURL + ex);

http://tfsportal/CompanyName/ProjectName/_layouts/tswa/UI/Pages/WorkItems/WorkItemEdit.aspx?wit=Bug&[System Info]=

See the wit query string parameter (a.k.a Work Item Type), where is the reference to these query string parameters for this WorkItemEdit.aspx page?

I'm trying to set the AssignedTo field.

EDIT: This is how you set the free text Title field and the drop down list priority field:


I just cannot work out the AssignedTo field? I'd also like to know how to access the [Steps to Reproduce] field.


I looked through the SDK, and stumbled up on it: &[Assigned to]=THOMPSON, Jeremy&


There is an easy way to get the url for the work item template. When you create a new work item in Team System Web Access, there is a button available "Copy Template URL" to get the url that reflects the changes you made to the work item.

As usual Ewald is to the rescue, unfortunately my screen doesn't have the "Copy Template URL" button: enter image description here

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If you fill out a bug form, you can use the Copy Template URL button in the toolbar to find out how you should construct the URL. See an image of the button at http://www.ewaldhofman.nl/post/2009/05/06/Initial-values-in-a-work-item.aspx

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Could you please see my edit 3 Ewald, no wonder it seemed so difficult - I'm missing that "Copy Template URL" button. You wouldn't happen to know how to get it to show? Sorry this is turning into a chameleon question. –  Jeremy Thompson Apr 11 '12 at 22:59
It is possible that this is added to SP1 of TFS2010 (not sure what version brought this functionality). Just checked on one of our TFS2010 servers. What version are you running? –  Ewald Hofman Apr 12 '12 at 15:38
Anyway, if I click on that button, I get the following querystring parameters: wit=Bug&%5BSystem.AssignedTo%5D=Ewald%20Hofman –  Ewald Hofman Apr 12 '12 at 15:42
TFS2010 SP1, Project Admin rights. A colleague with Project Collection Admin rights helped me find out how to set the Steps To Reproduce with his Copy Template URL button: tfs:8080/tfs/web/… BUT GET THIS, WHEN I USED THE LINK ABOVE I CAN NOW SUDDENLY SEE THE COPY TEMPLATE URL button –  Jeremy Thompson Apr 12 '12 at 22:43
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The solution for me to see the hidden "Copy Template URL" button was in the URL I used:

http://tfsportal/CompanyName/ProjectName/_layouts/tswa/UI/Pages/WorkItems/WorkItemEdit.aspx <- doesn't show the button.

http://tfs.CompanyNameURL:8080/tfs/web/wi.aspx? <- does show the button

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