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I'm trying to have my animation of my content DIV first fade out then stop at this fade it out stage and only queue the fade in so that .dequeue() can be called later once I have loaded content dynamically (probably through ajax).

$content.fadeTo(1000,0.0).delay(1000).stop().fadeTo(1000, 1)

I'm having two issues -

  1. my fade out happens immediately and does not fade for 1 sec.
  2. the stop() function doesn't stop anything the animation simply runs straight through.

What am i missing?

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There are a couple of problems:

$content.fadeTo(1000,0.0) will fade out your div in 1 second (you could use .fadeOut(1000) if you want to).

Then, what .delay() does is daley the execution of subsecuent animations by the milliseconds you provided, so if you do

$content.fadeOut(1000).delay(300).fadeIn(); It will fade out the div in a animation that lasts 1 second, wait 300 milliseconds and then fade the div back in.

So far so good, but what .stop() does is stopping the animation in the matched elements, so your fadeTo won't run, it doesnt queue things. Then when you do .fadeTo(1000, 1) (equivalent to .fadeIn(1000)) the div is already visible, so it does nothing.

I recommend you do:


//Later in the code
success: function() {

But if you want to queue the animation you could use .queue() and dequeue()

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