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Can anyone provide me the syntax of obtaining the value of environment variable in Kconfig file?

Based on the value of environment variable I need to conditionally source another Kconfig file.

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As per the kconfig docs:

<expr> ::= <symbol>                             (1)
           <symbol> '=' <symbol>                (2)
           <symbol> '!=' <symbol>               (3)
           '(' <expr> ')'                       (4)
           '!' <expr>                           (5)
           <expr> '&&' <expr>                   (6)
           <expr> '||' <expr>                   (7)

- misc options: "option" <symbol>[=<value>]

  - "env"=<value>
  This imports the environment variable into Kconfig.


    "if" <expr>
    <if block>

This defines an if block. The dependency expression <expr> is appended
to all enclosed menu entries.


    "source" <prompt>

This reads the specified configuration file. This file is always parsed.

So I'd try

option env="YOURVAR"
if YOURVAR=foo
    source "somefile"
if YOURVAR!=foo
    source "someotherfile"
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Thanks for he response.I will try that –  Vivek Apr 11 '12 at 23:32

You will need to capture the value of the environment variable in a config symbol using 'option env', like in the following:

config ENV_VAR
    option env="ENV_VAR"

if ENV_VAR = "foo"
source "foo_file"

As a side note, $-references in 'source' statements refer to config variables, not to environment variables. You can't do something like

source "foo/$ENV_VAR/Kconfig"

You will instead need to do

config ENV_VAR_SYM
    option env="ENV_VAR"

source "foo/$ENV_VAR_SYM/Kconfig"

(ENV_VAR_SYM could of course be called ENV_VAR as well; I just changed the name to clarify things.)

For another example, see the top-level Kconfig file in the kernel root.

(I'm the author of Kconfiglib Kconfiglib, a library for working with Kconfig-based configuration systems.)

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