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i am converting a string to double

i would like to know in advanced whether it would case an error to convert a string to a double. for example if i try to convert "hello" to a double, it would give me an error.

is there a way for me to know ahead of time whether converting something will cause an error?

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You want Double.TryParse:

Dim PossibleDouble as Double
If Double.TryParse("hello", PossibleDouble) Then
  ''//Not a double
End If
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Note--the weird comment format is to fake-out the syntax highlighter – Michael Haren Jun 17 '09 at 23:12

Ahh, I see what you meant now. The correct answer is TryParse as noted by Michael.

String string_val = 1.0;
double val;

val = System.Convert.ToDouble(string_val);
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