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So I have this pre-existing database that I'm trying to connect to using Django and I've already introspected the database and I'm just cleaning up the models before actually doing anything, and I've run into a roadblock. One of the database tables has a row:

"name" character varying NOT NULL

and when I've run python syncdb, I get the following error:

app.artistname: "name": CharFields require a "max_length" attribute that is a positive integer.

So I went into to find out what the problem is, and I see:

name = models.CharField(unique=True, max_length=-1)

So my question is, what value should I set max_length to if not even the definition in the database has a value set? Do I just set it to the maximum possible value?

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@agf: Sizeless varying is a PostgreSQL extension. – Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams Apr 11 '12 at 4:01
@agf: That seemed to do the trick, thanks! :D – Gabe C. Apr 11 '12 at 4:01
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For a field of varying length, you can use a TextField instead of a CharField so you don't have to set a size.

Both varying length fields and TextFields are generally intended for large amounts of text.

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I would set it to a reasonably high value as would be expected for the application. Names... usually 80 characters would suffice unless you have reason to believe otherwise.

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if this was a mysql question involving innodb i would say 255 characters because that is the limit of what can be indexed but we're talking postgres here. – dnozay Jul 31 '14 at 23:43

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