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If I already have a blog app done with Django and I want to use it with my new Django CMS site, is it okay to simply drop it into my new Django CMS project as a decoupled app and match anything /blog/ to the blog app as apposed to a Django CMS plugin? I guess what I need to know is when is it best to write my Django app as a plugin vs an entire app?



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Yes, but you don't just drop it into the urls.py, instead you can write an AppHook to tie your blog's URL scheme to a particular page in your CMS.

Plugins on the other hand are useful if you want to inserts particular aspects of you app into other page's placeholders - for example to show your latest 3 posts on the frontpage.

You might also want to include your blog's paths in a breadcrumb or menu on your site - in that case you need to write a custom Menu too.

Finally, it might also be useful to make use of django cms's placeholders in you blog model. His would allow you to post a variety of content via plugins.

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What a great answer, thanks –  JeffC Apr 11 '12 at 15:32
1+ for the "placeholders" link –  ralu Sep 1 '12 at 11:52

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